Factors to Consider in Choosing Lingerie

Most women are ultimately aware of what types of clothes fit their bodies and personalities well. Choosing the perfect skirt to match their top and then pairing it with the best stilettos in town are never a cause of headache. But shifting the subject to the most intimate wearables, say lingerie, a lot of the female population are still baffled. Your choice of lingerie can either make or break your style, so it is important to know what lingerie will flatter your figure or make your entire style falter. Some lingerie may be designed to cover-up for the small “problematic areas” of your body, but don’t forget that lingerie are still one of the most stylish ways of flaunting the sexier parts of the female anatomy. Here are some tips to consider in choosing the perfect lingerie.http://paxilpediatricsettlement.com/

1. The size of your breasts.

Let’s face it, the bust line calls for the most attention of all the other parts of the female anatomy. For smaller breasts, padded or wired lingerie will make your breasts appear bigger.

2. Your legs and thighs.

For petites, choose high-cut leg designs that will create an illusion of longer, fuller legs. If you’re gunning for a sexier, more seductive look, a fitting, skimpy little thong will do the trick. This will not only make your legs appear longer but slimmer as well. For those who hate their big thighs or the plumpness in their bottoms, opt for a dressing gown that covers up the fullness of your bottoms to create an illusion of slimmer legs. Stay away from styles that hug tightly to the lower part of your body as this will only emphasize the roundness. Divert attention from your lower body to your upper body by wearing a bustier or anything that would emphasize your breasts.

3. Your tummy.

If you have a bulging tummy, go for dark-colored lingerie. You may choose from black, maroon, dark-green and the like. It is best to wear fabrics that are opaque instead of sheer and see-through fabrics like chiffon. Draw away attention from your tummy by emphasizing your shoulders and neckline. You may wear a light-colored chemise and pair it with something dark below to help emphasize your upper body.

4. Your hair.

Color is what the beholder catches first so make sure you opt for the right color that suits you.

For fair-haired, blonde ladies, light hues and pastels will look superb on you. Dark-haired beauties can go well with darker shades or brighter hues. Red-headed lovelies will look dazzling in deep greens and blues or chocolate brown and auburn palettes.

5. Your arms and shoulders.

If you have thick arms and shoulders, go for lingerie with sleeves or with wide straps.

6. Your waist and hips.

For women who feel they don’t have curves to flaunt, two-piece lingerie will do the trick. They create an illusion of a curvaceous, hourglass figure.

7. Accessories


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