Jenny Craig Review – Find Out Why It’s Not the Best Program!

Sure, the program may be endorsed by countless has been actors like Kristie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli. The very controversial Monica Lewinsky even became their spokesperson in 2000. And this year, Queen Latifah joined their merry wagon of Jenny Craig endorsers. So why does one Jenny Craig review after another keep on saying that the program is not really all that it claims to be? Does that mean that the person who wrote that unfavorable Jenny Craig review not as faithful to the plan as the celebrities were? Or, is the person who made the Jenny Craig review just plain lazy in sticking to the details of the program?

Honestly, I have no idea. But hear this, I can honestly say that I stuck to the program to the T, I made it a point to even go beyond that and buy their supplements and all the hullabaloos that my counselor told me will help me in my journey to losing weight. Only to become another person about to write a negative Jenny Craig review. I also can honestly say I am the last person to ever write such a negative Jenny Craig review but after three whole months of being the plan’s “protector” in my community, I believe it is time for me to face the music and say that the plan did not work for me.

When I first heard about the program from a friend I have not seen in years, I was all excited and I felt my blood pumping through my veins as she told me the story on how she lost 20 pounds in 3 months through Jenny Craig. She excitedly said that she only paid $20 for the fee then food costs and now she is down to her old college size just like that.

So I searched the web and found that the nearest Jenny Craig center was located in a state next to mine. I had the option to do Jenny Direct, where everything will be shipped to me, but I felt it was best I had a face to face encounter with a counselor to help me out.

So I went to the Jenny Craig local center and got my weigh in, my talk with the counselor and all that. She told me I had to eat only 1200 calories a day and if I stick to the prepackaged Jenny Craig food, I would definitely lose the 20 pounds in three months. Then she said that if I coupled this with proper exercise, then I may even lose more!

The bottom line is, after 3 months of eating $100 worth (yes you read it right, the food costs $100 in one week), after enduring countless taunts from my family members saying I was eating like some refugee in a third world country and after endorsing it in my community fair last month, I only lost 10 pounds in three months.


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