Eggs-tra Successful Marriage – Advice for a Marriage not Spoiled by Divorce

Spring brings newness of life, even in marriages. Young people are becoming engaged or planning to take their marriage vows. People, who have been married for a while, may be finding it difficult to stay together; their marriage may be on the brink of divorce. As Easter arrives with egg hunts and baskets filled with colored eggs, here is a basket of eggs-tra special ideas to make a fresh start on the success of your marriage.

As you take an idea from the Easter basket, notice that the eggs have colors that represent ways for an eggs-tra successful marriage. First, take the white egg. It does not have color. It represents the vows that you will take or took during your wedding ceremony. The translucent white means the pureness and faithfulness of marriage partners. The yolk signifies the value of commitment to success. When you promised to live together in marriage, you were pledging a harmonious relationship and to live together as peaceable as possible. However, when sickness, enlarged families or even changed life-styles threaten to crack your matrimonial bond, vows may become shattered like eggshells. Vows you make should be permanent, not shattered by other people or things.

Newly married couples usually are in the pink with love and affection for one another. Love is represented in the pink egg of the Easter basket. As time goes on, the pink may fade; the love and affection may wane. A partner may break the wedding vows and become unfaithful. When the color in your marriage egg begins to grow dim, seek fresh ways to bring it back. Plan a candlelight dinner for two in a romantic setting. Recall the love and affection that you once had. Discuss what has happened to lessen the brightness of your marriage egg. Send a card or a note of love to your spouse for no reason. Surprise him or her with tickets to his/her favorite event. Be sure that the other person attending with your spouse is YOU! Love covers a multitude of sins. Put your marriage egg back in the pink!

Marriage is often like a journey through green fields with eggshells. You may have to be careful where you walk, because the ugly head of green eggshells filled with jealousy may be lurking. You may encounter hard eggshells of distrust or un-forgiveness. Even financial woes or job changes may be hard eggshells to crack. Yet if you walk in peace and harmony with one another, you will find the journey easier. Talk about what has caused the hardness in the eggshell of marriage. Discuss about ways get-marriage to overcome the green-colored resentments and failures that is spoiling your marriage egg and leading to divorce. Walking together in prayer relieves many problems. Even through the marriage egg may become cracked because of faults and imperfections by human beings, the egg of success can still be saved when couples walk and work together.

This Easter go on an Easter egg hunt for solutions. Make the hunt together. Seek advice from trained authorities in their fields of expertise. Look for different colored eggs with ways to communicate and place them in your marriage basket. Count your eggs of blessings when you felt love and affection for one another. Repeat your marriage vows on your anniversary. Talk about why you were married. Work together to make your marriage as valuable as a golden goose egg. Strive for an eggs-tra special successful marriage that will last until one of the spouses is deceased.

Pat Strawbridge is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and the Mississippi University for Women and has done postgraduate work at University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Home Economics with emphasis in family relations. She and her husband, Drennon, live in Cleveland, TN near their son, Mike and his wife, Janice, and two grandsons Scott and Will. White Bible Ceremonies for Couples: Advice for Successful Marriage is available in manual form with instructions or CD with photos, instructions and suggestions [] Patricia C. Strawbridge is a former home economics teacher. She also writes: Meal with a Message: [] She compiled and edited Callaway Cookin’: http://www.callawaycookbook []


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