Take Care of Your Home’s Exterior Walls

You wonder how you can decorate and renew the beauty of your room’s wall paints. You consider and then re-consider ideas to both strengthen and beautify the interior walls of your home. But not many consider the importance of their exterior walls. Your exterior walls withstand harsh climate and the effects of dust and smoke from pollution. Over time, they tend to lose their sheen and become dull. wk-gaihekitosou Neglecting your exterior walls can also have serious consequences for your home, because they protect the interior walls from damage. If the neglect should go on for long enough, then your house could even crumble. Different paint companies produce products that you can use to protect your walls from damage due to weather. One of the important factors is ensuring that moisture doesn’t get through any cracks or openings on the walls. One way to ensure this is through painting it right and caulking the joints.

If you happen to have wooden exterior walls, then you need to keep them dry. Ensure that the boards are joined together without space for cracks. Use nails to board them shut tightly and then paint over them with colour shades of your choice. Make sure that they dry well, so that the moisture doesn’t make them rot. There are also precautions that you need to take if you have brick walls as exterior walls. There is every chance that the wall doesn’t seem to quite dry, ensuring that the walls damage easily. This could be due to three reasons: either the bricks laid are too porous and allow moisture to enter easily. Another reason could be that the mortar just didn’t have the right ratio of constituents. And the final reason could be that the workmanship was simply not as good as it needed to be. While the last two would need you to get an experienced mason to look at it, porous bricks are easier to tackle. But you can use colorless water-proofing compounds or just water-proof paints to block the water.

If you happen to have stucco walls, though – then your job can be both easier and harder. It is easy in that there are paint companies that produce specialized paints for such walls, and you can just paint over the walls to have them last longer. This is because any hairline fractures will be filled by such paints. On the other hand, you will need to be ever vigilant about any cracks that appear on your walls. So make sure that you are on the lookout for any beating your exterior walls are taking by the weather, and you can have a longer lasting, more secure home.

Chemical free: People looking out for eco-friendly painting options should consider water based paints. These contain less or no lead and other harmful chemicals making them a safe option. They emit very less or no odour in the atmosphere during the application process due to low chemical content and so are harmless. This is beneficial for the walls too as they also require good care and nourishment not just from the exteriors but interiors as well.


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