Always, Always Speak Spanish Fluently Now With Bravado!

One pronunciation secret I learned by accident, and my experience from early on has proved to me, that to speak Spanish fluently now, you have to release your inner child actor! The concept behind allowing your personality to be recreated in your conversational Spanish and your daily practice of your Spanish pronunciation, began to emerge for me back when I first began learning Spanish while in high School. During my first Spanish 1 class with the guidance of a great teacher we learned how to correctly pronounce first the vowels, and then the consonants. Fortunately for us all, and I know this made a huge difference, our basic phonetic lessons were presented using very simple and lively methods as opposed to the droning wrote memory Spanish Magazine of tense after tense, and verb after verb. First off, armed with just those phonetic basics, but correctly applied, I began to practice my vocabulary in Spanish using the assigned Spanish words, then the assigned Spanish phrases along with of course the Spanish grammar drills. One of the unique aspects of Spanish speaking and a great help to all of us studying Spanish, is that most words in the Spanish language are so “regular” (meaning the rules of pronunciation are both consistent and natural), that if you just “stick to the script” so to speak, an amazing thing happens as you speak the words.

The first thing I noticed as I listened to myself read my sentences in Spanish aloud, and what you will notice too when you get it right, is that all of the sudden and without trying too hard you can’t help but hear yourself, for lack of a better way to put it, “sounding Spanish”! Reading aloud an easy Spanish magazine without even worrying about what Spanish words you’re saying or what they mean is especially amusing because at the same time, you can’t help but receive the immediate and direct audio feedback of your voice, but without the distraction of translating any meaning of the words! Although it may seem different initially but try it and you’ll see how it allows you to get a tempo and a feel for the language. This is a mindblowing practice that encourages you to learn to speak Spanish fluently in part because you are training yourself to vocalize the sounds more easily and naturally, and just as importantly you are vocalizing and speaking! Its not uncommon to hear many people complain about being too shy to try to speak in Spanish, even when they have the perfect chance!

Well with this process you’re already speaking, and this gets you accustomed to what Spanish sounds like coming out of your mouth! After applying this liberating Spanish practice you’ll amaze yourself at how authentic your Spanish speaking can sound and be encouraged to ham it up some just by playing with the pronunciation. This will also motivate you to easily imitate dialogue and Spanish conversation you hear! Finally, this is a super technique to teach yourself Spanish and is a great change up from your online Spanish practices and revs you up for some real conversation to speak Spanish fluently now with friends and people you meet! In a future blog post I’ll cover tips for tweaking your pronunciation of the vowels and consonants, or hop on over to my blog now!




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