Online Marketing – How to Generate Free Website Traffic and Free Leads Increase Your Conversion Rate

I like to start off by saying that marketing on-line does not have to be difficult or extremely expensive. Internet Marketing success is defined differently by each marketer individually. Whatever your goals are set them and try to meet them. So if your goal is 100-1000 dollars a week or a month that is completely fine. You wont to focus on gaining more leads for free as one of your goals that’s fine. Set your goals then work at completing them on a daily basis consistency is the key to your success no matter what your goals are.

Some Facts On Internet Marketing

There are many on-line marketing strategies, Blogs, Articles and press release , Classified ad, Paid ad and Banners, Pay per click, Social Network sites and many more.
Free leads traffic can be just as good or better then Payed leads and traffic.
Every market has a niche and that niche is where you profit.
Anyone can learn how to market effectively if they apply the necessary time and effort.
One of the most effective ways to market on-line that I recommend is article marketing. Many marketers do use this technique but the problem is their articles is not specific to their niche market. You have a lot of traffic but they don’t convert to sales are new members. I am a strong believer in niche markets and free traffic. Find your niche and market specifically to that market. do not be general and think that whatever your product or service maybe that everyone needs it or even wants it. Write a specific article with good content about 300-600 words is what I recommend and submit it to article directories these articles will be picked up by other Internet professionals as free content and no matter how the article is published your info will remain in the footer resource box. Use this box to tell little about yourself and post a like to your website. Bloging is another form of free advertising. Add your blog with your article marketing strategies and you have a time tested proven strategies.

Video Marketing one of the new marketing craze. Posting videos on sites like You Tube. In these videos you wont to educate your viewer on you product or service and have them click on you link. Now let me give a jewel that is true Content is King!! And with that said here is the “jewel” in your description box for your video you wont to add a keyword Rich Article 300-600 words!! Why? Because spiders index Content not videos this will give your video a higher ranking on that video site. One more thing post a link to site add “http://” before this is a common mistake I see lot. Content is king even when posting video. There reports of marketer making 1.4 million dollars in 6 months using just youtube, myspace and Facebook alone. So this free marketing does work it just depends on you and if your willing to make it work for you.


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