Increase ROI From IT Project Management Services

IT Project Management Services was initially a part of consulting services offered to organisations. Now it is a mainstream service. The service is offered by consulting companies and by IT outsourcing providers. Several new companies are also exploring opportunities in this service-line. Companies prefer this service for several reasons. Some of the primary reasons are that these service-providers are able to increase the effectiveness of in-house IT teams and the fact that in-house IT teams are sometimes not adequately staffed.

The popularity of this service has also led to many professionals choosing it as an alternative career in the IT industry. However, now it is also a mainstream IT career. There are also many institutes that offer certification courses in this subject. Project management  Digital Marketing Agency in USA companies prefer to hire candidates certified by these institutes. Some of the courses are very expensive. Many professionals also opt for freelance training. IT services companies are in constant need of Project Management professionals and hence there is huge demand for these courses.

An IT service company spends huge money on this service. Therefore, many project management companies are introducing several new offerings. IT services companies prefer to recruit candidates accredited by institutes offering courses in project management. Relevant work experience is another important factor.

There are lots of important issues in selecting a company providing project management service. Their reputation, expertise, portfolio and the ability to trouble-shoot are the most important factors. Global presence and the track-record of having handled similar projects in the past are other important factors. The service provider’s track-record in terms of the domain needs to be assessed, since not all IT services companies serve different domains.

There are several benefits of outsourcing IT Project Management services. The foremost advantage is the specialist advantage and niche-expertise. There are several cost-advantages, as well. Hiring individual consultants can become very expensive. Also, they charge clients for individual transactions instead of the project. Companies charge clients for the project and also provide more resources. In many cases, the resources of the service-provider will work with the company’s in-house IT team. They usually conduct several layers of consulting and design and customise the best solution for the client. They also offer many options, to suit the timelines and budgets. The service provider will also allocate their resources to help in the client’s projects. Apart from reducing costs, the service-provider renders lot of assistance to improve the efficiency of their client’s service-offering.

Project management companies have other important roles in an organisation. They also offer lot of training and mentoring and streamline processes related to technology in the in-house IT team. This will ensure that employees will be able to perform the functions without much/little assistance from the service provider. The benefits offered by these service providers are both tangible and in-tangible. Many companies have realised the importance of this function and have invested a lot of money in building the related competencies for their in-house IT team so that they can perform effectively with the help of a service-provider.

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