Social impact of a participative small-scale sporting event

To examine the social effect of a small-scale sporting event and its influence on the willingness to help future activities.

A self-supplied questionnaire turned into used with 248 residents-sportspeople that participated inside the Valencia Triathlon. Descriptive evaluation, exploratory and confirmatory factorials have been done via SPSS, FACTOR and EQS.

Three dimensions of high quality influences have been diagnosed; wearing participation and city photo, social improvement and human capital and financial improvement. The influences in carrying participation and inside the improvement to the photograph of the city make a contribution to definitely explaining the willingness to assist the preserving of sporting activities. Local sportspeople highlight their participative aspect and the projection of the town photo as key factors to recommend preserving destiny carrying activities as a strategy for tourism.

Research barriers/implications
The comfort sampling limits the extrapolation of the effects.

Practical implications
Making the most of the intangible elements is usually recommended because of the first rate potential these activities should generate social capital and boom the networks of social collaboration. Give a greater energetic function to volunteers and local organizers in an employer. Transmit the pride of the community and the feel of belonging to this community to the media and advertising and marketing communication.

Social implications
Small scale sporting events can make a contribution to enhancing the fine of lifestyles, increasing pride, the feel of belonging of the citizens, possibilities for amusement and encouraging local participation.

A contribution to the empirical analysis of the social effect of small-scale carrying activities from the attitude of nearby members.


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